iFactory’s skilled team of Project Managers, UX Designers, Developers & Marketeers will work with you to deliver a creative digital solution.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy, marketing and business objectives, planning website outreach

Digital strategy is a well-thought plan, unique to your business. It maps your corporate objectives, hones in on who your target market truly is and connects the dots between the two. The end goal is to amplify your core strengths online and connect with the people who matter to your business.

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Enterprise Website Design

Group & Multi-brand ECMS Websites, Personalisation, Marketing Integration & Approval Workflow

Enterprises have sophisticated requirements from their digital platforms. Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) deliver upon this, whether it’s managing multiple online properties, approval workflows or just accommodating thousands of pages featuring an array of differing content types. Enterprise level marketeers need to create behavior-based rules to personalise the content of their websites.

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SME Business Website Design

Stylish, Search Engine Friendly, CMS Websites with Digital Marketing

Small & medium sized enterprises need a website that works and generates leads that turn into repeat business.

A website is only as good as the sum of its parts, and those parts are continually evolving. Strategy, design, words, images, video, CMS, code and testing are just some of the essential ingredients. The website must be well found in search engine results, including voice search. It must present well, across multiple devices including desktop, tablet, mobile or voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.

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Many Brands One Site

Your organisation has grown to many brands over the years. iFactory can help do justice to these individual brands in a single cohesive group website.

Talk Group Websites

Mobile & Responsive Websites

Mobile First Design, Device Specific Display, Design For Voice Assistant

Responsive web design is the approach that design and development respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. With the changing technology market that now encapsulates four main screen types; desktop, mobile, tablet & TV, websites have needed to their design approach to grow in sophistication.

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Digital Marketing

Craft a digital marketing strategy that will get your audience talking

Truly effective digital marketing is much more than displaying generic ads online and hoping for the best. To reach out to your potential audience in a meaningful way we employ a host of techniques that require careful planning and dutiful execution.

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Marketing Automation

Prioritise Leads and Improve Marketing Return on Investment

Marketing automation is a set of software tools that streamline, automate and measure a companies marketing workflow. Consumers are receiving ever more marketing communication across a growing number of channels. Making a marketing campaign stand out has become more difficult than ever before. To cut through the noise, marketeers need to focus on sending highly-targeted and specific content to a narrowed audience.

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Need Marketing Help

You have ideas inspired by years of experience but little time to spare. What you need is a safe pair of hands to develop and implement your marketing plans.

Let Talk Marketing

Landing Page Design

Get straight to the point in an engaging way

A landing page is more than just a quick summation of your products or services, it can also be an incredibly effective marketing tool that works well with your customers and improves your search engine optimisation (SEO). Simply put, a landing page provides an overview of a particular part of your organisation, targeted to a particular niche.

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Interactive Projects

Make your static dream an interactive reality

Interactive design places the reader as the center of the website. Through interactive forms, branching narrative paths or applications that continually react to the user’s actions in a fun, entertaining way, interactive design makes your users active participants.

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Web Video Production

Explainer Video, Drone Footage & Post Production

Video content can also be used as a powerful part of your website and digital marketing campaigns, as they’re immediately engaging in a way that even the most well-written copy can’t compete with. Thanks to embedded video being a part of modern web browsers, it’s easier than ever to have your video content integrated seamlessly into your website or email newsletters.

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A Digital Plan

Your business is complicated with many stakeholders. It needs to find its Digital voice. iFactory can help plan your digital future across all channels. Take the first step and contact us.

Digital Transformation