What the hell is digital marketing? 

And how to make it work for you.

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Hi! I’m Jocelyn, iFactory’s new Digital Marketing Manager. 

Many people think that digital marketing is just a whole lot of bells and whistles. And if that’s you – I don’t blame you! 

You’re probably picturing that sea of unread emails clogging up your inbox. Boring blogs gathering digital dust. Spammy ads and pop ups. Mindless streams on whatever new Tik Tok, Snapchat, or WhatsApp is taking off this week.

But that’s not digital marketing. I call that “making a digital racket.”

Digital marketing is simply: connecting with your customers and creating enduring value using digital channels.

And without it, businesses are on borrowed time.

Digital Marketing is a must-have. Not a nice to have.

When’s the last time you were in front of a screen? Hint: it’s a trick question.

To do business in this digital era, you’ve got to meet your customers where they’re at. More and more – it’s online.

Digital Marketing:

  • Gets you top of mind and top of google search
  • Influences customers to take action
  • Strengthens trust and builds relationships
  • Makes the path to purchase so much smoother
  • And works 24/7 to grow your business

But with all the strategies, channels and considerations, where do you even begin?

Let’s find out together!

Free Digital Marketing Discovery Session

For the month of July, 2021, I’m offering iFactory contacts a Free Digital Marketing Discovery Session.

What you’ll get:

  • 45 minutes FREE strategy session at our Bowen Hills studio (or online via zoom if COVID-19 restrictions remain)
  • Cut through the *fluff* and understand how you can use digital marketing to deliver on your business needs
  • A FREE Digital Marketing Plan – opportunities and recommended actions

It’s obligation free. You can take the plan and run with it. 

Or, you can tap into iFactory’s full service digital team to build momentum, fast.

Limited spots are available. Better be quick!

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