Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy, Digital Content Creation & Website Advancement

New or renew? Let iFactory improve your existing website’s performance. You only get one shot at making a good first impression, so if you have an unwieldy layout, outdated content or cringe-worthy copy, there’s work to be done. Websites are a continuous work in progress.

While it may be necessary to invest in a brand new website design, it may be possible to improve your existing website’s performance by making a few targeted improvements.

For instance, this could include content updates, adding new features or “re-skinning” the site to update the look and feel. You could add an Ecommerce function such as a shopping cart or payment gateway, integrate your social media streams to your website, or invest in digital advertising such as email marketing or Google Adwords.

To improve your brand’s visibility online, website advancement is ultimately about improving your search engine ranking. Incorporating good SEO practice is essential if you want to climb the ranks of Google. This may involve a combination of efforts such as researching keywords, re-working existing code and content, and building professional relationships to encourage link sharing.

Renew your brand through targeted website advancement and start converting traffic into leads. iFactory offers several development and support packages, so contact us today for a custom solution.