Email Marketing

Targeted email marketing is a powerful, shareable, measurable and cost-effective sales tool

Some marketing fads come and go, or get really expensive, but email marketing is still one of the most valuable communication methods a brand can adopt. It’s convenient, personal, timely and a super low-cost solution to engage with your customers in the digital place they spend the most time – their inbox!

How can we help with your email marketing campaigns? iFactory can set up and manage your email marketing through a flexible and reportable email marketing software such as Vision6 or MailChimp. If you’re already using an email marketing platform, iFactory can integrate your existing software and custom design new email templates.

Our email services look a little something like this:

  • Strategise your campaign, whether it’s a drip campaign for nurturing leads and onboarding customers or a monthly update from your business. We’ll create different emails for all kinds of purposes and people.
  • Create engaging copy and design beautiful email templates that enhance your message.
  • Implement email acquisition strategies and audience segmentation.
  • Deliver and conduct A/B testing.
  • Analyse email performance, tweak and improve where necessary to get the best conversion results.