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Marco! Polo! SEO! The Game of Search Engine Optimisation

Marco Polo - the game of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation can be tough to work out – I like to think of SEO as a game. Ever played Marco Polo when you were kid? For the unacquainted: One player (the seeker) closes their eyes while the others spread out across the pool and “hide”. The seeker yells out “Marco” and listens for […]

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Meet David, one of iFactory’s new Web Developers

A new web developer joins iFactory's Brisbane-based team

Welcome to the team, David Blazevic, one of iFactory’s fresh new web developers. David takes the term Full Stack Developer to a whole new level – with “stacks” of experience, not only in front end and back end website development, but also in designing, leading and delivering digital marketing campaigns too. This end-to-end perspective gives […]

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iFactory’s New Digital Marketing Manager

Meet Jocelyn Hannasmith, iFactory’s new Digital Marketing Manager. Jocelyn joins us with over 5 years’ experience in brand strategy, content marketing and business communications as part of an end-to-end business transformation agency. From local startups, design and construction companies, to multi-national organisations, Jocelyn has helped a diversity of businesses find their voice, tell great stories, […]

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Wikipedia’s Birthday: The world’s largest collab turns 20 

Wikipedia might not be trusted by your university professor, but the world’s largest free encyclopedia is more relevant than ever. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers spend their time collectively documenting every corner of human knowledge, including history happening in real time. The free website celebrates 20 years of existence on 15 January. It plans to […]

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Site Launch – Child Friendly Alice

iFactory is proud to add the Australian Red Cross to its roster of clients with the website launch of their Child Friendly Alice initiative The ambitious project is a new community collaboration initiative by the Australian Red Cross aimed at the Alice Springs community and surrounds. It combines on the ground action with an online […]

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Smithbridge Guam Gets a Lift from iFactory

The Smithbridge Group have been working with iFactory for several years to make websites for other arms of their business including Universal Cranes, so we were delighted to be asked to develop a new site for Smithbridge Guam. We utilised the existing layout and development framework of Universal Cranes and modified it to suit the […]

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Site Launch – Childcare Brokers

The childcare industry is growing faster than ever so it’s no wonder that the business of buying and selling childcare centres is a hot market. Enter Childcare Brokers, an already established player in the market with over 20 years’ experience, who recently came to iFactory with a need for a new website they could easily […]

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