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WordPress 5.1 – What You Need to Know

Wordpress 5.1

What was once a niche blogging system that started 15 years ago is now the biggest content management system on the entire internet and is the go-to for making website design beautiful inside and out. Thanks to a raft of usability improvements and enhancements to the core functionality it’s now an industry standard. WordPress is […]

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Case Study: Mowjo ecommerce Website

Case Study: Mowjo eCommerce Website

About the Client Mowjo® robotic lawn mowers give home owners a manicured lawn without needing to lift a finger. Mowjo® mowers consist of an electric mower with built-in batteries, sensors and a controller. Each mower operates within a boundary wire, laid around the edge of the lawn, which guides the mower until the entire lawn […]

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