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Is your website failing the mobile-friendly test?

How can I check my website is Google mobile friendly?

If you haven’t heard yet, Google released a handy tool that enables you to check if your website is mobile-friendly. Websites that pass Google’s test will be labelled with “mobile-friendly” on Google’s search result pages for mobile devices. Like this example below. Some websites will not pass that test although they are mobile-friendly. If you […]

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How to get 10 x more visitors with SEO

How to get 10 times more visitors with SEO

If you’re not sure if SEO will help your website to get more visitors,  Twitter shared some days ago that SEO has helped them to get 10 times more website visitors. 10 times more visitors through search engine optimisation During the Twitter Analyst Day, Twitter’s director of product management Trevor O’Brien publicised that they had made changes […]

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