What does a UX designer do?
September 20, 2017
The roles and responsibilities of a UX designer are a mystery for some. We help give you some insight.
Case Study: Pit Brothers BBQ
September 18, 2017
As they were a start-up, Pit Brothers needed an easy-to-use website with a strong corporate identity and messaging to give users a social understanding of their product range.
The dot com era bubble explosion: Are we headed for another?
September 15, 2017
The dot com explosion caused large scale economic uncertainty. Will the current tech boom do the same?
This Programmers Day here is our guide to working with programmers
September 13, 2017
Happy Programmers Day! We’ve taken this opportunity to help you navigate the waters of working with programmers.
National Video Game Day and the future of digital gaming
September 11, 2017
With virtual and augmented reality becoming a commercial reality, it’s easy to forget that only 67 years ago digital gaming only existed in a few laboratories around the world, reserved for mathematicians and scientists who programmed a computer to play chess programs. Today, digital gaming (including console, PC and mobile) is a $61 billion industry.
What’s your brand archetype
September 8, 2017
Every business has one or a number of the primary brand archetypes. We look at the brands that do it well and what marketing their customers enjoy.
What’s your brand archetype?
September 6, 2017
When you look at successful brands, such as Disney, Apple and Harley Davidson, you get a strong sense of their identity. Apple is creative, Disney is a visionary and Harley Davidson is a bit of a rebel. Their identity is generally mirrored with that of their customers. These personalities aren’t unique to these brands. In fact, they pop up all the time in all great storytelling, from books to movies – James Bond is ‘the hero’, while Indiana Jones is ‘the explorer’.
Chinese app developers lodge Apple antitrust complaint
September 4, 2017
Apple is currently facing accusations of anti-competitive behaviour in China, one of its largest iPhone markets, adding to the tech giant’s regulatory problems in the US and Europe.
What you need to know about browser cache
September 1, 2017
Everything you ever wanted to know about browser cache.
6 ways to avoid overwhelming website users
August 30, 2017
Visual clutter is a problem on websites. Here’s how to check whether your website design is overwhelming and how to fix it.


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