2016 Sensis Social Media Report: Part Three

2016 Sensis Social Media Report: Part Three

Part 3: Businesses and social media

You're probably up to date in our 4-part blog series breaking down the annual 2016 Sensis Social Media Report, but if you aren't, jump back and have a read of our first two segments before delving into this week's third part in our four-part blog series.

This week we are looking at the portions of the Sensis report related to how businesses use social media. This is particularly valuable information for both businesses of all sizes, as well as consumers. For businesses, it provides a much-needed insight into how their competitors are utilising social media to their advantage or disadvantage, while for consumers; it's a solid indicator of how business is evolving and what that can mean in the long-term for them as individuals. 

How has business taken to social media in the previous year?

 frequency of access is increasing, with most consumers accessing social media sites every day or multiple times per day.

In the previous twelve months, the increase in the number of businesses using social media has been staggering to say the least, with SMEs soaring from 31% to 48% and large businesses bursting through the social media ceiling and catapulting from 56% to 79%. 

According to Sensis, every single category of business had growth in this area, an incredible result as this includes many job categories - such as trades - that have for so long avoided jumping on the social media bandwagon in favour of more old-school, print or referral-based advertising. Clearly, businesses of all sizes are seeing the huge benefits of using social media for advertising, networking and customer service, just to name a few. 

Which social platforms are businesses using?

Again, Facebook is a firm favourite platform for business use, which, when you line it up with individuals and consumers choosing Facebook as the most popular platform as well, is a smart move for any business who has taken their presence onto this social channel. 89% of both small and large businesses are on Facebook, while medium-sized businesses are holding back a little at 79%.

Twitter, although not a social channel overly popular with consumers is surprisingly, second in terms of business use. 

Next week, in our final instalment of our 4-part blog series, we take a look at what the 2016 Sensis Social Media Report says about the interaction between both consumers and businesses on varying social media channels and how social media advertising is working for those choosing to take it up. 

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We hope you are enjoying our 2016 Sensis Social Media Report 4 part blog series, don’t forget to head back and read our other part one and part two. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share key insights and join in the discussion using #SensisSocial.

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