Our top ten blog articles for 2016
December 30, 2016
Here are the ones that garnered the most discussion around the global water cooler that is the internet for 2016.
How to work with multi-regional and multilingual sites
December 26, 2016
Thanks to the global nature of the internet (it’s called the World Wide Web for a reason, you know), there are many websites that, due to their diverse audience or locale, require the use of multiple languages in their text.
3 user-friendly ecommerce platforms
December 23, 2016
Here are three of the best ecommerce platforms on the market to help grow your business online. 
Pantone reveals much-anticipated 2017 Colour of the Year
December 19, 2016
The Pantone Color of the Year is a much-anticipated announcement each year. So just which colour is the one to get into in the new year? 
10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Web Designers (2016 Edition)
December 16, 2016
Got a web designer in your life that needs a special something for Christmas? We’ve got you covered. 
The top trends that will shape social media in 2017 (Part 2)
December 14, 2016
In 2017, is there any room for more in-app innovation for video content? 
The top trends that will shape social media in 2017 (Part 1)
December 12, 2016
It’s that time of the year when companies of all sizes reflect on the big social media themes of the last 12 months and start thinking about which trends might shape social media marketing campaigns in the year ahead. In this two-part series, we’re looking at the rapidly changing environment of social media and which big trends are set to emerge in 2017.
December 10 is International Shareware Day
December 9, 2016
International Shareware Day aims to raise awareness of the contribution shareware and freeware software developers make to all computer users. 
5 reasons why your website isn't working
December 7, 2016
 Is your website just existing in cyberspace? Here are five basic things to consider to get your website working for you.