3 hot internet marketing predictions for 2018

3 hot internet marketing predictions for 2018

2017 isn't over quite yet, but if you're passionate about growing your business then, chances are, you're already thinking about internet marketing in 2018. Given how rapidly things are changing, how can you know which direction to take?

Here are three smart predictions for the evolution of online advertising, web design and ecommerce over the next 12 months for 2018. 

1. Content that appeals to each user's uniqueness 

Say you work in the travel industry and your target audience is 20-35-year-old, well-heeled professionals. It's not enough, anymore, for your content to appeal to them as one, homogenous group. Increasingly, you need content that reflects each user's unique personality, set of values and lifestyle. More and more, customers want to be approached as individuals.

To achieve this, you need brilliant, responsive web design, containing highly customisable content. For example, a 22-year-old female researching weekends away could be offered advanced filters, such as "travelling in a group", "interested in art galleries", "up to 100 kilometres away" and so on. 

2. Influencers will reign supreme

When it comes to online advertising, influencers are one of the most powerful tools you can have up your sleeve. These are individuals who work independently of your company, but support your product - and let the world know why via their blogs and social media accounts. So, if you're serious about internet marketing in 2018, you need some influencers on your side.

Your best bet is to find people who are genuine fans of your product. Their content is more likely to come across as authentic, in comparison to that being created by someone simply to earn money. In addition, make sure any influencers you work with are trustworthy and in touch with your target market.

3. Be ready for micro-moments

A micro-moment takes place when a user reaches for his/her mobile device to research something in a matter of seconds, such as a film session, where to find the nearest decent coffee or the timing of the next bus. Micro-moments don't involve extensive searching; so, a business owner has only a limited amount of time to capitalise on them. Find out what types of micro-moments are relevant to your product, then make sure your site is ready, with accurate information available quickly and easily.

To find out more about what internet marketing will look like in 2018, get in touch with iFactory, an award-winning digital agency based in Brisbane.

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