3D Printers Are Rolling Out for Everyday Users

3D Printers Are Rolling Out for Everyday Users

3D printing is an unbelievable advancement in technology development, but at this stage it is limited to purchase through speciality stores and online shops. If you are not an enthusiast or a professional designer it is unlikely you will take the time to purchase one for yourself. Staples, an office supply chain in America will be the first mainstream retailer to offer the units in their stores starting with the Cube 3D printer.

What is 3D Printing?

The invention is truly remarkable as the technology allows for creating three-dimensional solid objects based on a digital model by laying down successive layers of material. The whole process is revolutionising manufacturing and design and many believe it will transform the way we produce products much like the printing press did in 1450. The implication of applying 3D printing is almost unfathomable. Three-dimensional printing could completely derail the last two centuries of manufacturing and design.

The Future

Bringing 3D printing into the mainstream would mean that inventors, designers and the everyday person alike would not only be able to design their prototype, but produce it on demand and manufacture it in line with market sales. This would mean that small businesses could become micro-factories without the need for large stock inventories or grand warehouse spaces.

Staples have decided to bring out the Cube 3D printer and as far as three-dimensional printer models are concerned it is one of the most accessible to date. It comes fully assembled right out of the box and installs easily onto a PC or Mac. The device will come with an ability to print 25 free templates and create your own with the included software. Including 3D printers as part of their product line, Staples could be pushing for the launch of it into the mainstream. Currently they have Cubes available for $1299.99 available through their online stores.

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