4 hacks to optimise your digital marketing and website

4 hacks to optimise your digital marketing and website

We’re all busy business owners, right? We need to cram a lot into our days. And we all want to find ways to work smarter to get more done in the same amount of time. 

That’s why we’ve put together five time-saving hacks that will get more traffic to your website and help you build killer digital marketing tools.

Hack #1 – Record yourself talking to your customers

You talk to customers all day, every day. You help them troubleshoot. You explain your product and service. Ultimately, the conversations you have with your customers are nuggets of marketing gold, so find a free-to-text transcription app to record them.

The next time you talk to a customer that doesn’t know much about what you do, hit record on your tablet or smartphone. The recording isn’t to publish. It’s simply to take note of what the pain points are for your customers and how your business solves them.

You can repurpose this content into a blog post, FAQs for your website, content on your About Us page, a whitepaper and social media.

Hack #2 – Create a campaign to target your customers that bounce away from your website 

Brainstorm ways to entice bouncing customers - consider providing discounts, improving load times and creating engaging copy. Remember to discover exactly why they’re bouncing and build content that speaks directly to them.

Hack #3 – Be a content detective

Spy on your competitors and research the content they publish that engages your target market. Now create better content, like videos, infographics and live streaming that goes one step further. 

Hack #4 – Use the COPE method

COPE stands for Create Once Publish Enthusiastically. We already mentioned that we’re all busy, so the thought of having to continually create content is stressful. Using the COPE method alleviates some of this stress while helping to drive traffic to your website. 

Create a video, then break down the content into a how-to blog post. Or take three highlights from the video to create an infographic. 

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