5 tips for better YouTube marketing

5 tips for better YouTube marketing

YouTube is an excellent platform for marketing your business and driving traffic to your website. But you have to do it right. If you've been posting lots of videos and not getting much of a response, here are some tips to help you improve.

1. Make sure your videos link clearly to your brand

This isn't about obviously focusing on about your brand, but about providing unmistakable cues. Your brand's visual identity - in other words, your logo, colour set and font style - should be consistent across all videos. This is easy to do through YouTube's custom background tool. 

2. Create content that's relevant to your customers

We all know that crazy animal videos go viral. But, if you're not running a pet shop or a vet surgery, they're probably not that relevant to your customers. Besides, you don't have to go viral to make your video marketing effective. All you have to do is appeal to your existing customers and attract more like them. So, create useful, interesting content, such as instructional videos.

3. Spread the word far and wide

Don't simply post on YouTube and expect miracles to happen. Once your video is up, spread the word as far as possible. Post the video on all your social media accounts. Approach bloggers and ask them to share it for you. You might be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to develop collaborations.

4. Be left-of-field

Rather than churning videos that everyone's seen before, try taking a risk with something creative or left-of-field. For example, you might put together a how-to video that's an animation. The internet gets excited about fun, original content.

5. Add subtitles

This might seem like a minor point, but it can win you some extra viewers. Many people watch YouTube while they're commuting or in busy places and, if they're worried about turning up the sound, subtitles give them an opportunity to watch anyway.

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