5 ways to leverage online advertising

5 ways to leverage online advertising

So, you have set up your business, congratulations! You have the perfect website or ecommerce website design, but the customers still aren’t coming in as fast as you want them to. You know that you need to market yourself and you know you need to advertise, but you’re just not sure where to start or how much to spend. 

Expert website companies will be able to guide you in the right direction and recommend the best advertising channels for your business. One of the most common, cost-effective and measurable channels is online advertising. Here are five main channels of online advertising that can assist in leveraging your business position and get the customers rolling in.

1. Search engine advertising

The beauty of search engine advertising, Like Google Adwords, is that you can choose what you wish to spend. Google is a powerhouse for this channel and by implementing Google AdWords you can improve your company's position on a Google search, heightening the chances of it being seen.

2. Social media

Placing an ad or sponsored post on a social media channel such as Facebook will allow you to choose what you spend and directly target a specific audience that you wish to engage with. 

3. Website banners

Advertising on like-minded but larger websites will allow you to engage with your target demographic on a platform that has a larger reach. Strategic banner placement, such as placing an advertisement for baby strollers that you are selling on a parent's media website, has shown to increase engagement with the product on the banner substantially.

4. Pop-ups

Although sometimes deemed as irritating, pop-ups are everywhere. Despite this, pop-up guarantees that your brand will be in the face of a potential customer, even if for mere moments.

5. Blog advertising

Storytelling is also a form of online advertising. Partnering with a blogger or influencer in your demographic in the form of an advertorial piece can be cost-effective and show a personal side to your company.

Online advertising is fast and can be an easy win in terms of growing a client base. The best way to start is to speak to online advertising experts, such as the passionate team at iFactory. Give us a call or email and we will chat to you how to drive your online dollar further.

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