Australia’s Digital Future to 2050 (Part 3): Future workplaces

Australia’s Digital Future to 2050 (Part 3): Future workplaces

Over the course of a three-part blog series, we’ve been examining the findings of a report just out by IBM and IBIS World, A Snapshot of Australia’s Digital Future to 2050, which looks at how Australia’s economy will change due to digital technology and who will benefit most from this “hyper digital era”.

From the report, we’ve had a glimpse of future trends and how Australia’s industry divisions will likely change as a result of ubiquitous high-speed broadband combined with powerful computing devices. The flow on, of course, is that our workplaces will likely change too.

Let’s see how different they’re likely to be.

What will our future workplace look like?

Here is how the report’s author, Phil Ruthven, Founder and Chairman or IBIS World, sees our workplaces of the future:

  • Medium-sized enterprises will continue to experience the fastest levels of growth due to: the trend to outsourcing by households and businesses, creating new entrepreneurial opportunities; the lower need or demand for capital (being service industries that are the fastest growing); and more flexible lenders.
  • Teleworking will continue as a key trend, with possibly of 1 in 4 people working at least partially from home if not full-time by the middle of this century. If so, we would have five million people working from home at least part of the time – taking millions of commuters off the roads.
  • As the new utility helps overcome the tyranny of distance, it will reinvigorate regional centres and some rural communities, with teleworking enabling some jobs centred in capital cities to be relocated to the bush.
  • Skilled workers will be able to live anywhere if they so choose, and businesses will be able to source skilled employees across international boundaries.

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What this report (and this blog series) shows is that businesses need to remain ahead of this digital revolution. There are considerable changes on the horizon in our digital economy, bringing with it significant economic benefits. But, businesses need to act now.

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