Case Study: ATF Services

Case Study: ATF Services

About the Client

Head to any work-site, sporting match, or event and you’re likely to see ATF Services fencing or security. ATF Services are a proudly owned and operated Australian temporary fencing, surveillance and height safety company. With over 60 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand and over 5,000 regular clients, ATF Services are the market leader in their industry and has built their reputation on delivering smarter safety solutions that boast high product quality and service.

Client Objective

To encourage quicker and more effective lead generation, ATF Services required a user friendly website design supported with an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).

Their main aim was to make it easier to find information by highlighting their three core business areas: Fencing, height safety solutions and vision, which encapsulated video surveillance, wireless alarms, solar lighting and gates. To assist customers on the move and support the use of their custom built ATF Services Vision app, ATF Services needed a responsive website that was available on desktop, as well as mobile and tablet.

iFactory Solution

In order to facilitate ATF Services’s need to highlight their core business areas and improve lead generation, iFactory designed a website that simplified the journey a user would need to take to realise their goal. This included narrowing down the information architecture by organising, structuring and labelling site content in an effective and sustainable way. The navigational structure focuses solely in their three business areas and their subsequent services, as well as how to get in contact, find locations, and learn more about the business.

To flow traffic through to an enquiry, iFactory incorporated an interactive home page banner, with call to action buttons through to a quick enquiry form, which was also built into each product page. To target the needs of a potential buyer and help them navigate their nearest location, we incorporated features like a Google Maps map-based location search with intuitive category search for their product areas.


  • WordPress Content Management System (CMS)
  • Responsive web design
  • Google Maps and geo-location integration
  • Copywriting
  • Enquiry form with database management

Completed:       April 2017

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