Case Study: The Coffee Club Telethon Ball

Case Study: The Coffee Club Telethon Ball

About the Client

There’s not a single Queenslander who isn’t aware of the Channel Nine Telethon and the incredible effort a night such as this does to raise funds for life-saving medical research, investing in vital new equipment, support and care for sick kids and their families. The Children’s Hospital Foundation is the brains behind the Nine Telethon, as well as its sister charity ball event, The Coffee Club Telethon Ball, which iFactory contributed to bringing together.

Client Objective

As well as providing digital support for the Children’s Hospital Foundation and Nine Telethon websites, the team from Children’s Hospital Foundation came to us needing a campaign micro-site for The Coffee Club Telethon Ball, which allowed users to buy tickets to the ball using the iVvy event management system. Their concept was to incorporate the ball’s theme, The Enchanted Garden, and ensure the site was customisable and flexible for quick changes leading up to the event.

iFactory Solution

There was a myth among digital marketers that “long pages don’t sell” for conversion landing pages. What we’ve discovered through years of testing and trialling is this: It’s not how long your page is, but rather, how engaging it is. We knew that the Telethon Ball website had a story to tell in order to sell tickets, so we designed a responsive long-scroll micro-website, using best-practice call-to-action placement to entice users.

To meet the brief of customisation and to meet the quick delivery frame, we built the client supplied design concept in static HTML and linked to the iVvy event management system. This enabled a process that was faster and more flexible for modifications and changes and quick to deploy. We’re happy to say that the event sold out quickly and with all the events combined, The Children’s Hospital Foundation raised over $12 million.


  • Responsive web design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Landing Page custom design
  • Google Maps integration

Completed:       August 2017

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Case Study: The Coffee Club Telethon Ball

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