Case Study: Community HIV Education & Prevention (CHEP)

Case Study: Community HIV Education & Prevention (CHEP)

About the Client

Rapid Roadshow 2014 is an HIV Foundation Queensland initiative, where for the month of November their Community HIV Education & Prevention (CHEP) team will travel the entire Queensland coast raising awareness about HIV facts and HIV rapid testing. The CHEP team consists of peer educators who carry out initiatives to improve awareness of HIV transmission, prevention and testing among target groups.

Client Objective

To support their work on the ground, iFactory was engaged to design a campaign website to run for the month of November. An important requirement for the project was engaging users on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

iFactory Solution

iFactory was able to build the CHEP promotion site in a matter of days using an easy-to-use Content Management System, Squarespace. With mobile users the predominant user group, together with CHEP’s straightforward message, iFactory created a minimalist look with high-impact imagery using responsive design. To ensure fast load speed, all images were optimised. iFactory also incorporated a recent design trend called parallax scrolling to give depth and movement to the site.

Key website features included:

  • Promotional microsite, built to tight timeframe
  • Content Management System, Squarespace
  • Intuitive CMS for easy content maintenance
  • Responsive
  • Externally hosted
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Facebook integration
  • Images optimised for fast load speed

Project:  (Site was only live for the campaign length)
Completed:    October 2014

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