Case Study: Fitness Forever

Case Study: Fitness Forever

About the Client

Walk into your regular gym and you’ll notice often, the facility or it’s programs aren’t accessible for a wide audience. Enter Fitness Forever. Their difference is all about creating accessible and personalised fitness for all, believing everyone should have the opportunity to live an active and healthy life. They specialise in group training for corporate environments, nutritional programs, general personal training and exercise programs for people who have special needs, including mental health challenges, limited mobility and vision impairment.

Client Objective

 Fitness Forever needed a new modern style website to match their new branding that looked great and worked well across multiple devices. Their core functionality requirements for the new website included:

  • The ability for Fitness Forever administrators to update the website themselves
  • Sell membership products, workout merchandise and supplements
  • Easily found in Search Engines
  • Generate more enquiries
  • Better highlight the organisations' products and services
  • Allow new and existing clients to contact the business easily

iFactory Solution

Working in line with Fitness Forever’s new branding, we created on a web design inspired by social media design trends with plenty of white space, flat lay photography and strong colour palette. To create the welcoming feel Fitness Forever desired, we utilised a hand-drawn typography and high-quality photography which showcased Fitness Forever’s team and the clients they work with.

The core features included a live timetable of Fitness Forever’s free classes, recipes section and ecommerce functionality to sell programs, accessories and supplements. To ensure Fitness Forever launched with their best foot forward, we implemented SEO strategy, social media set up with templates and created a three-month digital strategy. Since the new website launched, they have doubled the number of new users, increased time on site and are ranking high for their top keywords.


  • WordPress as Content Management System (CMS)
  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive web design
  • Ecommerce
  • Payment Gateway
  • Social Media channel set up
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Landing Page custom design
  • Google Analytics
  • Professional Copywriting


Completed:       July 2018

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Case Study: Fitness Forever

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