Case Study: Legacy Defence Charity Ball

Case Study: Legacy Defence Charity Ball

About the Client

The Defence Charity Ball is an annual event that brings together Australian Defence Force personnel, the general public and the corporate world for an evening of entertainment and charity. Crucially, all proceeds from the event go towards the continuous efforts of Legacy, a voluntary organisation that supports families of veterans.

Client Objective

In order to attract a broader audience and generate improved ticket sales to their annual event, Legacy required a new website with an attractive logo and branding package. The website needed to be mobile friendly (responsive) and integrate with an existing third party ticketing system.

iFactory Solution

First, iFactory’s creative team designed a vibrant yet elegant logo for the Defence Charity Ball. This involved conducting thorough research of Australian military insignias across the three service branches, together with branding of similar scale public events. It also involved engaging multiple stakeholders including representatives from Legacy, Defence, corporate sponsors and others.

At the same time, iFactory designed a website that successfully captures the excitement and sophistication of the event. The site is saturated with high quality portrait photography that is both compelling and inclusive, particularly because images chosen reflect a mix of military and non-military attendees.

By successfully capturing the fun and inclusiveness of the experience together with clever branding, Legacy was able to promote their event to a broader audience and give a much-needed boost to ticket sales this year and into the future.

Key website features included:

  • Logo design
  • Joomla as Content Management System (CMS)
  • Responsive web design
  • Online ticketing capability integration

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