Case Study: Next Generation Technologies Transforming Travel

About the Client

Next Generation Technologies, part of the Downer Group, strive to bring new ideas and innovative solutions to improve everyday operations. Their focus centres on intelligent transport solutions, building smart cities, improving networks and communications and delivering CCTV and security. Some of their completed projects to take Australian transport into the future include Perth’s integrated smart card ticketing system (SmartRider), as well as rail and ferry ticketing vending machines.

Client Objective

Next Generation Technologies participated at the Australian Intelligent Transport Systems Summit (ITS Summit 2017) as an exhibitor and required a landing page specifically for the event. Their objective was to encourage potential investors and partners to use a QR code on brochures which directed them to a conversion landing page for more information that had the ability to track leads.

iFactory Solution

To ensure a seamless experience for Next Generation Technologies leads, iFactory designed and built a responsive conversion landing page which was visually aligned with the exhibition booth. We applied best practice conversion techniques to the website design strategy to control where a user’s eye is drawn across a page, conversion copy and design aesthetics increasing the likelihood of conversion. We provided persuasive copy, placed clear and prominent call-to-action buttons and embedded a form to nurture prospects down the marketing funnel. We also enabled Google click tracking on all links included on the conversion landing page to help provide analytics and future strategy for Next Generation Technologies.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive web design
  • Remarketing and click tracking
  • Landing Page custom design
  • Google Analytics
  • Professional Copywriting
  • Enquiry form with database management

Project:    (only live until December 2017)
Completed:       September 2017

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Case Study: Next Generation Technologies Transforming Travel

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