Case Study: Pit Brothers BBQ

Case Study: Pit Brothers BBQ

About the Client

Pit Brothers BBQ is a Brisbane-based start-up, gearing up to dominate the BBQ space. They provide their customers with premium BBQ products, including speciality spices and rubs, as well as handmade Queensland charcoal via their online store. As avid BBQ-ers trained in the American smoked BBQ way, they aim to educate their Australian customer base on creating and optimising their own BBQ set up – from recipes to how-to guides.

Client Objective

Taking inspiration from the American BBQ culture, Pit Brothers BBQ wanted to create a website that not only promoted their unique take on BBQ products, but create a user experience that heightened the “Aussie BBQ”, taking it to the next level by involving the BBQ community in an online space to share their own contributions and BBQ knowledge.

As a start-up, Pit Brothers BBQ needed an easy-to-use website with a strong corporate identity and messaging to give users a social understanding of their product range.

iFactory Solution

Community was the central theme in designing a fully-integrated ecommerce website, that not only showcased Pit Brothers BBQ unique range of products but allowed users to contribute their BBQ experience. Built-in Joomla, iFactory used the ecommerce checkout platform VirtueMart to make buying Pit Brothers BBQ products a breeze. Using an API by Fastway, we implemented a delivery cost and arrival time based on post-code during the checkout process.

In the food industry, pictures and videos sell. So, we designed a full video banner generated by YouTube, which loops automatically. Once the user begins to scroll, the video pauses to become a static, high-quality background. The parallax scrolling also offered depth to the website, which static images would not have been able to achieve.

To cater to the community, we built a recipes and how-to guide section, where members could create their own cookbooks, add their own notes and variations (which could be seen by other members) and buy the related products directly from the recipe area. An Instagram live feed was also integrated into the site, which can be automatically updated from the admin side of the CMS.


  • Joomla as a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive web design
  • Custom API integration with Shipping Fastway
  • Ecommerce functionality
  • Payment Gateway with PayPal, credit cards, Stripe
  • Social Media channel set up
  • Social Media interaction through “ShareThis”
  • Google Analytics
  • Newsletter sign up form
  • Category search function
  • Enquiry form with database management
  • Client secure area (staff portal/intranet)

Completed:       August 2016

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Case Study: Pit Brothers BBQ

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