Vita Group VITACON17

Case Study: Vita Group VITACON17

About the Client

The Vita Group is a leading Australian retail brand that prides itself on delivering exceptional and personalised experiences for customers across many of the country’s most well-known and respected brands. It is involved with such well-known storefront chains such as Telstra and Sprout, in addition to other new additions to their increasingly diverse portfolio.

Client Objective

VITACON is an annual internal event where representatives from each of the company’s retail establishments meet to network, exchange advice and learn from Vita Group management about the direction the company is heading towards over the following year. To help celebrate the occasion, Vita Group required a unique and eye-catching way to invite guests to the event, which combined the overall “50’s diner” theme with the overall company’s focus on making technology fun and accessible.

iFactory Solution

iFactory created a one-of-a-kind interactive storybook invitation website, where visitors could change the outcome of the story by making decisions at key points. Each part of the story was accompanied by a specially-created animated artwork, backed with an appropriately rock-and-rolling soundtrack.

Creating the storybook required a unique blend of writing, art and coding. Working with Vita Group, iFactory’s artists illustrated the characters based on six popular archetypes of the era including a gangster, a slick rocker and a Hollywood starlet. iFactory’s writers crafted the branching storyline so that each character would appear at least once regardless of which path the reader took while providing interesting twists and turns along the way. From there, detailed backgrounds were drawn and coloured for the characters and story elements could be laid on top of. Developers then took these elements and built a custom website that added animation, music and other effects to enhance the experience and give visitors an invitation to remember.


  • Responsive web design
  • Google Analytics
  • Custom illustration
  • Animation
  • Storyboarding
  • Professional Copywriting
  • Email marketing

Completed:       June 2017

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