CSS Lounge Showcases iFactory as Site of the Day

CSS Lounge Showcases iFactory as Site of the Day

CSS Lounge, a growing project dedicated to showcasing the best designed CSS websites from around the world, has named the iFactory very own website as their “Site of the Day”.

On 14 October 2014, the iFactory website was recognised for its excellence in the design and functionality of their Drupal website. The website has also been rated 5/5 by our design peers from around the world, and maintains the highest rated website featured on their website.

CSS Lounge is a popular place for designers to showcase their work, connect with the design community, and promote good work when they see it. CSS Lounge are dedicated to reviewing innovative design concepts from around the world, with the purpose of setting the benchmark in website development and design.

What makes a great website?

We here at iFactory believe that the first step towards creating an effective website is to understand how a user thinks and acts. In our experience, we’ve determined that most users expect quick, yet meaningful experiences. Therefore, the building blocks of website design should be based off user experience and interactive design.

Our techniques include a mix of static and dynamic content, researched colour palette to suit the corporate identity, engaging images and video, appropriate typeface, “F” pattern design, straightforward functionality and navigation, quick page load times, and grid-based layouts. 

iFactory are a full-service creative and digital agency based in Brisbane, Australia. Our services encompass website design, ecommerce, digital marketing, application development, and website support. Our team of website designers, project managers, developers, and copywriters possess a wealth of experience and are always at the forefront of digital and technology trends. The proof is in our award-winning work, check it out for yourself. To design a digital solution to suit your unique business needs, get in touch with us today. 

CSS Lounge Showcases iFactory as Site of the Day

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