Cutting-edge website design trends for 2018

Cutting-edge website design trends for 2018

Web designers have continually coped with the technical challenges in web development - they have managed to still create sites that are clear and innovative, user-friendly, consistent with the corporate style and adaptable to all devices. Advancements in 2017 marked the year when mobile search overtook desktop browsing. Therefore, 2018 requires web designers to utilise mobile-friendly functionality like never before. Here are the top web design trends that are taking over in 2018.

1. Drop shadows and depth

Drop shadows and depth

The use of shadows is not new because it has been a staple in web design for a while. Progress in web browsers has brought in impressive variations like parallax layouts and grids that allow web designers in Brisbane to play around with shadows. This helps to create depth and illusion of a world beyond the screen to enhance user experience (UX) by providing emphasis to website design.

2. Asymmetry and broken grid layouts

Asymmetry and broken grid layouts

Unconventional ‘broken’ layouts were big in 2017, but it is still going strong in 2018. This web trend appeals because of its uniqueness, distinctiveness, and because it allows the designer to be experimental. A lot of large-scale companies still use the traditional grid-based structures. However, as more prominent brands seek to stand out from the rest, our web designers at iFactory can come up with innovative website ideas with this aesthetic. 

3. Custom illustrations

Custom illustrations

Illustrations are excellent media to add a friendly, playful, and fun element to a site. Brisbane web designers can work with this to tailor-make a brand tone that represents the personality of your company. As the ecommerce markets get more crowded each year, illustrations can help you get more attention from potential customers online. If your brand is perceived as serious, we can use illustrations to make it approachable to your customers.

Whatever your brand is, there is a trend that will match its needs perfectly. iFactory provide digital solutions with experts in digital designing, digital marketing and web development in Brisbane. Call us today for on brand and on-trend intelligent digital solutions expertise tailored to your business needs.

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