Do authors need a Web Developer?

Do authors need a Web Developer?

A phenomenon of the internet marketing age is the ease of indie publishing. It created the massive volume of available books and a changing role for authors. Both indie and traditionally published authors face a shift in their success as writers.

What are our modern author’s responsibilities?

To sell books, an author must connect with potential buyers of their books, build an email list of readers and establish an ongoing following.

The digital tools that help our author are an email list, social media interaction, a network with other authors and a website of their own.

Why own a website? It’s not core business.

While authors can access sites to blog and participate in social media, the content is vulnerable to changes in policy of the host company. Ownership of a website gives an author security and control over content.

A website is a place to direct potential buyers through online advertising and build an email following, rather than send them to a bookstore and be unable to contact them for sales follow up. 

The website becomes the author’s hub for communicating with readers, promoting books, and linking with their network.

How does our author manage website design?

The skills for website maintenance include more than the ability to write. An author may write good content, but to build the site and keep it secure and viable requires a different range of skills. Learning these skills takes time away from their core focus of writing. 

Fortunately, help is at hand. An author can get a better deal from a web developer and digital agency where website design is their core business.

We are one such company at iFactory. Located in Brisbane, iFactory is a leading digital and creative agency for digital solutions in design, web development and digital marketing. Our purpose is to meet our clients’ business needs through intelligent solutions, using the web to its best potential.

As an award-winning digital agency, iFactory has the advanced skills to provide our authors with interactive, responsive web solutions. Contact iFactory and access our expertise for your website, not ready yet? Sign up to our monthly newsletter for digital and creative tips and tricks.

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