The end of Adobe Flash

The end of Adobe Flash

Beginning in January 2016, Adobe Flash will be replaced by Adobe Animate, a new piece of software designed to keep Adobe relevant in the world of web animation. 

The background

In recent years, Adobe Flash has been increasingly sidelined by its main competitor in the field of web animation - HTML5. The most recent blow was Google adverts changing to prevent autoplaying on any advert that required Flash. Previously, YouTube and Amazon had split from Flash, and Apple has never used the product, with Steve Jobs being a sure supporter of HTML5 instead.

Flash was widely criticised for security vulnerabilities caused by Adobe’s lax approach to updating their software and removing exploits used by hackers to damage Flash users. It was also considered slower and less stable than HTML5, and less mobile friendly. This final point may have been the final nail in the coffin for Flash, as mobile users now account for over half of all web traffic worldwide. 

So what’s new in Adobe Animate?

According to Adobe’s official press release,  Animate will natively support HTML5, along with WebGL, another competitor that uses JavaScript. Adobe insists that Animate is not simply a name change from Flash, but that they are “hard at work on a major update with significant new features.” Not all of these have been revealed yet, but those that are detailed aim to make web animation easier, such as new drawing and audio tools and increased integration between various products. 

This is likely the beginning of a long evolution for Adobe, who must adapt to survive these changing times in web animation. Many will be hoping that Adobe will also be taking a more proactive approach to addressing their security vulnerabilities and other instabilities.

Are you still using Adobe Flash? 

It’s high time to make the upgrade, and we can help. To find out how your site is being affected right now, or to understand how this change will affect you, contact iFactory.

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