Four hot digital marketing trends in 2017

Four hot digital marketing trends in 2017

The greatest invention of our generation, the Internet, has paved way for marketers to be more creative, targeted and personalised with their strategies than ever before. It's also enabling smaller, challenger brands to rise up through the ranks quicker thanks to social media. But what trends are hot in 2017 that you should ensure are on your priority list?

1. Live streaming

At the back end of 2016, Facebook unveiled its 'live streaming' capabilities. The average Joe took this as an opportunity to broadcast antics on a night out on the town. But savvy, forward-thinking businesses were using this tool to stream 'behind the scenes' at events and shows. Before ticking this off your marketing strategy tactic to-dos, invest time into brainstorming ideas to give the best possible chance of engaging audiences.

2. Sponsored stories and posts

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Snapchat all offer the ability to create sponsored posts, which simply means you put spend behind a chosen post/story and that selected content will be amplified on the chosen platform. Reach is widened, users are more aware of your product and hopefully have made their way to your site to check out what it is you really do.

3. Personalisation

As users have become savvier with the internet, they've also become more disengaged with content that isn't relevant to them. Audiences are choosier than ever before - so how do you cut through the noise? Personalise the content and meet your target audiences on the right platforms. Ensure that your analytics systems are set up properly so that you can get a better understanding of what content your targets are engaging with and what platforms they're using.

4. Video

Short, snappy digestible video content is getting higher click through rates than text-based content. Even if you're a B2B company, consider ways to bring your video content to life.

Love these ideas but still unsure about how to implement them? The award-winning team at iFactory has been providing digital marketing and digital solutions for over 10 years. Call iFactory today to discuss how to innovate your digital marketing strategies in 2017.

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