Four must-do checks before investing in SEO

Four must-do checks before investing in SEO

Search engine optimisation is incredibly important for every business. If you have a website, you need to be dedicating a portion of your digital marketing effort and budget to it.

Maybe you’re a newbie to the world of SEO, or maybe you’re SEO campaign hasn’t delivered the reach and opportunities that you expected. Whatever your situation, here are four crucial things to check before SEO can help your website.

Check your business model

The internet has opened up many opportunities for businesses to thrive, not least of which is gaining 24 hour access to a global market. If online sales are critical to the success of your business, you need to run the numbers to make sure revenue is greater than expenses:

  • What is the estimated traffic?
  • What’s the profit margin?
  • What are the conversion rates of your web pages? etc

Check your market

Success in business hinges on a thorough understanding of your market. Perhaps you’re entering a highly saturated and competitive marketplace, or maybe your efforts are failing to target the right niche audience.

Consider how much you really know about your market: who they are, how old they are, their motivations, their attitudes and expectations, on which devices and platforms are they accessing the web. If you don’t know, find out, and take steps to change your website design accordingly.

Check your product

If there isn’t great demand for your product, as in, say there are only 20 people per month searching for you, there’s not much point investing in a comprehensive SEO strategy. Again, look at your website analytics, consider your market, and invest in efforts that will achieve the greatest returns.

Check your website

Lastly, there’s only so much that SEO will do for you if your website is poorly structured, slow to load with broken links. Think of your website as an investment; it’s not something to set and forget. Components do occasionally break and need fixing, and software updates provide a myriad of bug and security fixes.

That’s why we recommend a complete website audit, with particular attention given to usability and content (e.g. test your check out process, check display and navigation on mobile devices, read the product or service details etc). If there are fundamental issues with your site, take a break from SEO and fix the problems.

Get flexible website support that delivers ROI

If the mere mention of “website audit” has made you yawn, sweat or roll your eyes (or all of the above, though probably not at once - weird), iFactory is here to help. Our team of digital marketing and SEO specialists are experts in crafting flexible solutions that will deliver the greatest Return on Investment.

From website design and digital marketing, to app development and eCommerce solutions, contact iFactory today for a free consultation and customised proposal.

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