How to get 10 times more visitors with SEO

How to get 10 x more visitors with SEO

If you're not sure if SEO will help your website to get more visitors,  Twitter shared some days ago that SEO has helped them to get 10 times more website visitors.

10 times more visitors through search engine optimisation

During the Twitter Analyst Day, Twitter's director of product management Trevor O'Brien publicised that they had made changes to ensure that search engines like Google and Bing could better access their hashtag pages.

These changes increased the number of not logged in users visiting Twitter from 7.5 million per month to 75 million per month. That's a staggering 900% increase which equates to 10 times more visitors than before.

Not sure what Twitter is? Check out our Twitter beginners cheat sheet.

Do you use the full potential of SEO for your own website?

Twitter's example just shows how important it is to optimise your web pages for search engines. It's now not enough to just have web pages that are relevant enough to be featured on the search result pages. It is also important that you optimise your web site pages so that they search engines like Google can rank them as highly as possible.

Here are some quick tips to help.

1: Ensure that technical aspects are correct

Some errors on your website can keep search engines at bay, such as server configurations, CMS set up for example.  Conducting regular website audits will show you the things that you have to change to make sure that Google gets access to all of your web pages content.

2: Ensure that your web pages will be listed for the right keywords

If Google can index all of your web pages correctly, you still need to ensure that Google will show your web pages for the right keywords.

iFactory can help you find your Google keywords for which you want to be found and optimise as many pages of your website for as many different keywords as possible. We can even run a website audit on your existing site to see how you are performing.

The better you optimise your pages, the more likely it is that you will get many targeted visitors through Google and other search engines. Get in touch with iFactory, a Brisbane based digital agency for creative, marketing, web design and development. Do you use the full potential of SEO for your site?

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