Google announces it’s restructuring under a new holding company, Alphabet.

Google restructures as Alphabet

It would seem Google has outgrown Google. In a surprise announcement this week, the search giant declared it is restructuring under a new holding company called Alphabet to separate in an attempt to separate its moneymaking businesses from its ambitious projects like driverless cars.

Google was founded as an internet search with much of its revenue generated from advertising through AdWords. Over time though, Google has expanded into areas as varied as medical research, drones, cloud computing and much more.

This new umbrella company, Alphabet, will preside over an entire business portfolio, the largest among them will be Google internet search. The move reinforces Google’s innovative approach.

What does Google’s restructure mean for users?

As this is purely a business restructure, it’s unlikely users will feel any effects. What we may see is Alphabet’s new CEOs Larry Page and Sergey Brin continue to pursue more revolutionary (and riskier) ideas that will change the way we live, work and communicate. The reorganisation may also provide improved investor confidence with greater financial transparency.

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