How to keep a brand consistent as it grows

How to keep a brand consistent as it grows

Companies have turned digital and are relying on their web design and internet marketing to promote their brands. One of the most popular forms of internet marketing is social media marketing and through this channel, the brand can directly engage with their consumers. Many companies find that through this direct engagement, they lose their brand identity and key messages.

As a company grows and evolves, it is important for them to maintain a consistent brand. Below are the four key ways to maintain and strengthen the brand through any growth period.

1. Have a mission

A brand should always have a conception point that is thoroughly thought out and its mission should align with the company’s core values. Having a mission allows clients and consumers to understand not how the brand is, but what the brand will do for them. The key mission objective should always be a reflection of the business's website design, their ecommerce website and their internet marketing.

2. Have a brand style foundation

A brand should always have consistent logos, fonts and a style guide. Excellent web designers and website builders will understand the necessity of using the brand assets across all marketing and engagement channels.

3. Have approvers

As companies grow, inevitably more resources are taken on. New employees may not be familiar with the brand tone, engagement policies or even the necessity of brand colours. There should always be someone who approves every piece of brand communications or marketing material that is distributed on behalf of the brand. 

4. Stay authentic

The best brand strategies are the simplest ones. A customer should be able to identify with a brand on a personal level and by looking at the brand, know exactly what working at the company is like. If a consumer feels like this, then a brand is definitely delivering a consistent message.

It is easy for a brand and its values to become convoluted and lost in a big wide digital world. Consistency, core values and a web building team who understand the brand will be able to strengthen the business and its brand as it grows. Contact a branding expert at iFactory today to see how we can assist in strengthening your brand.

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