How long does it take to get a first page Google ranking?

How long does it take to get a first page Google ranking?


For people new to the web development world, it might come as a surprise that to earn Google’s top ranking search spot, you’ll need to invest a little more than just the digits of your credit card. 

This means that moving your way up the line can take longer than some people anticipate, and the short answer to how long this will take is that no one really knows. By focusing on good quality content and investing in some of the other factors that make up Google's PageRank, however, you can ensure you're doing your best to appear as high in the search results as possible.

Publish great content regularly

Nothing beats publishing a regular stream of top quality, relevant content for improving your Google ranking. Rather than just stuffing your content with keywords, concentrate on publishing great material that will be valuable to your customers. 

Build your referring links

By publishing great content, you’ll also be paving the way for building a strong network of referring links. Essentially, the more material from your website that is referenced on other digital platforms, the more authoritative to Google you appear. 

Use web-optimised imagery 

By using imagery that is optimised for the web and other white-hat SEO techniques, Google will give you a tick of approval and rank your content above others'. Try to use the correct alt-tags and file names for all your images.

Always drive traffic to the source

Although social media can have a strong SEO influence (just Google some of your favourite brands and see how many of their social media platforms come up), it is at its most powerful when it is driving people back to the source. Make sure that you use social media to direct people exactly where you want them: on your website, making sales or getting quotes! 

Need some help? Trust iFactory

While there might not be a solid answer for how long it takes to become Google’s number one, there are some great ways you can be on the front foot. If you’re unsure of how to do this, or need a little support, trust our expert team at iFactory for your next web development and digital marketing strategy solution.

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