How to optimise your WordPress blog posts

How to optimise your WordPress blog posts

One of the best ways to increase the reach and prevalence of your WordPress ecommerce site is to start a blog. Blogs can drive organic traffic to your site and improve your rankings so that your pages are easier to find online. Here we explore the top ways in which you can optimise your blog posts for greatest effect. 

1. Do your research

Research is vital to ensure that you are using the correct keywords. You can use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to look at the keywords your competitors are using and should optimise your blogs to include these keywords. With the right keywords, you can increase reach dramatically but it is also easy to waste energy on terms that are not searched.

2. Use keywords throughout your WordPress site

Keywords need to be integrated throughout your WordPress site so that they can be most effective. You need to include them on all pages, in titles, in meta tags and even in picture labels that aren't visible to visitors. Keywords should be an integral part of WordPress website design. Placing the keywords throughout your page will make them much more valuable. 

3. Reference others

While it may seem odd to point people away from your page; referencing other trusted websites sends trust signals to search engines and will increase the ranking of your page. If you can encourage a link back too then you will also benefit from this. 

4. Allow subscriptions

Blogs need followers to read them so that your ranking improves. Encouraging subscribers and giving people a means through which they can follow you will help your rankings no end. 

5. Use other channels

Using other social channels will also help you to generate links to your blog and encourage interaction. The greater the interaction you achieve with your blogs the better they will be ranked so you need to promote visits as much as possible. Use social media and any other channels you can to share your blog posts. 

Blogs are an excellent tool with which to promote your WordPress ecommerce site, but you need to approach blogs intelligently. It is easy to work hard for little result when you should work smart for excellent results. To get help from the experts in WordPress site development and management contact iFactory today.

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