iFactory website nominated for CSS REEL award

iFactory nominated for CSS REEL award

iFactory website revered for high levels of creativity

One of Brisbane's premier digital and creative agencies, iFactory, announced it has been nominated for a CSS REEL Award for its work on our own website (http://ifactory.com.au/).

Websites that demonstrate high levels of creativity, originality and overall design competence are nominated by CSS REEL. We’re delighted to share that our very own company website was nominated for its best website award on 19 June 2014.

CSS REEL is a popular place for designers and developers to showcase their work. Visitors vote for their favourites and winners are showcased.

CSS REEL is a premier web design showcase for various websites. CSS REEL recognises innovative design concepts and web marketing around the world. They are committed to showcasing good quality web templates in both small and large industries.

Work with us at one of Brisbane's premier digital agencies to get your own award winning digital solution, call iFactory on +61 7 3844 0577 or email us at info@ifactory.com.au



iFactory is a full-service digital agency with an experienced group of professional and passionate team members. Our advanced web solutions consolidate website design, ecommerce, internet marketing and systems integration to deliver market-driven, innovative and professional internet solutions. By focussing solely on the internet we believe we offer cutting-edge solutions that keep pace with the evolving nature of the world-wide-web. iFactory is GITC V5 Framework accredited (Q-5471).

iFactory nominated for CSS REEL award

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