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iFactory's work showcased on Drupalsites

Website showcased for it's brilliant use of photography

 iFactory, one of Brisbane's premier digital and creative agencies, announced it has had it's work on Cheeky Little Monkeys Photography (​) showcased on

On 29 September 2014, the iFactory website was showcased due to the sites bright and vibrant use of photos to really appeal to it's target audience. 

Only 20% of the sites listed on are awarded the honour of being featured in the Editor's Pick showcase, so being revered by our own community is a huge honour. The site has also been peer voted to receive a 5/5 for it's design and development in Drupal.

Currently, the first and the largest Drupal showcase featuring Drupal-based site of all shapes and sizes, from blogs to portals, from portfolios to online stores. is a directory that lists websites powered by the open-source content management system Drupal. They hope to demonstrate flexibility of this CMS by listing all the different sites available on this CMS. is non-commercial venture maintained and moderated by Drupal veteran Andrey Pshenichny and his small team of Drupal friends. For the team it is yet another contribution to an amazing Drupal community.

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iFactory is a full-service digital agency with an experienced group of professional and passionate team members. Our advanced web solutions consolidate website design, ecommerce, internet marketing and systems integration to deliver market-driven, innovative and professional internet solutions. By focussing solely on the internet we believe we offer cutting-edge solutions that keep pace with the evolving nature of the world-wide-web. iFactory is GITC V5 Framework accredited (Q-5471).

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