Our top tips for website maintenance

Our top tips for website maintenance

So, you've got your beautiful website designed by one of the best website builders out there. All of your tailored content is in place and you're ready to launch the site online. Now you just need to wait and reap the benefits of a professional website design and watch the new interest in your business come flooding in. Job done, right? Wrong. Just as important as your ecommerce web design is the way in which you go about maintaining your website. Here at iFactory, we've got years of experience when it comes to both website development and website maintenance, so here are a few of our top tips for maintenance laid out for you.

Update old sales information

This first tip might seem obvious, but it's amazing how many ecommerce companies are caught out by old deals still being advertised on their website. If you're advertising products or promotions you're no longer able to offer, this could lead to, at best, a disgruntled customer, and at worst, legal action. Ensure someone in your company or an external digital agency regularly review your website to ensure there aren't any out-of-date offers on your site.

Keep it speedy

These days, the average ecommerce customer expects your website to load almost instantly. In 2017, shoppers just don't have time to wait around whilst a single page on your site loads when they could be browsing another faster website selling identical products instead. It's important to ensure there's nothing slowing down your sites, such as unnecessary pages, images or buttons, or broken links. A slower site will also lead to your business being listed further down in search engine rankings, so loading speed is very important to keep on top of.

Choose the professionals

Whilst it's admirable to try and make important changes to your site yourself, those with little experience when it comes to website maintenance could actually find they're doing more harm than good. When you need an intelligent digital solution for problems or updates on your website, it's best to get a professional involved. iFactory have been specialists in Brisbane web development since 2004. Our team of designers, developers and marketers are the best at what they do and love to take on exciting new projects. Whether you need a new website or some simple, regular website maintenance, we'd love to talk to you. For more information about any of the services we offer, contact us today to find out more.

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