Plan your wedding with Google

Plan your wedding with Google

Most of us appreciate that Google has become far more than a search engine. There are a host of free tools provided by Google that help you get organised and that make collaborating with friends and colleagues easy; tools that now extend to planning your big day.

Google for Weddings is a comprehensive wedding planner tool kit that helps you make sure everything is in place for your special day. It’ll help you do everything from announcing the news of your engagement to finding a venue, setting a budget, creating a schedule and guest list, and even setting up a shareable photo stream from the day.

Google tools to help plan your Big Day

This new powerful capability is achieved via a dedicated weddings website, Google Weddings, that brings together a suite of wedding-specific templates across a host of Google tools including Google Sites, Google Docs and Picnik. And keep in mind, all of this is FREE!

First, Google Sites lets you create your own wedding web design to bring together all the important information that your guests will want to know, like venue, schedule, attire, accommodation, RSVPs and registry – the opportunities are endless. Just think how convenient it would be for your guests to confirm the address of the venue on their way to the ceremony.

Your chosen website theme is then continued into Picnik, which lets you create beautiful stationery, such as announcements, save the dates, thank you cards and more. Also, within Google Docs, there are several useful form templates, such as budget planners, guest lists, seating charts, menus and to-do lists, all of which can be used and shared easily among key people.

With a range of themes and a suite of templates – and did we mention it’s free? You’re bound to find at least part of Google Weddings useful.

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