Practical tips for creating a successful home page

Practical tips for creating a successful home page

A successful marketing campaign to drive traffic to your website needs to be supported by a standout landing page. There are many things you can do to create a great home page and we have listed 5 of the most important ones for you. 

1. A business logo

If your business has a personalised logo you should use it on your home page. It will help you stand out from template websites and competitors. 

2. Minimal and succinct content

Most people read very little of the home page, which means you should not overload yours. Choose the most important content and images you want your customers to see for your homepage. 

Sometimes less is best, so make sure the product you sell or the service you offer is actually visible on your home page. 

3. Mobile friendly

Most users view websites on their phone or tablet, therefore having a landing page that is mobile friendly is essential. Complex navigation or Flash animation are a definitive no. 

Remember, professional web developers know how to ensure your website is mobile friendly.

4. Stand out

Use illustrations or photography specifically created for you business to stand out from competitors. While pictures have been popular, illustrations and caricatures are able to engage with the visitor on a more personal level. Experiment with images and colours, and check your website statistics to see what creates more engagement.

5. A call to action button

Now that you have your potential customer on your homepage you will need to draw them deeper into your website. A call to action button is a must for any stand out homepage. Don’t forget, your call to action button needs to be strategically placed and work with your website design.

Your call to action button should stand out and not be lost in the content. An effective call to action button is usually a link to another page on your website, thus drawing the customer deeper into your site.

At iFactory we pride ourselves on getting to know your business and building a stand out website for your needs. Contact us today to polish, update or build your website from start to finish.

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