Three ways to amplify your content

Three ways to amplify your content

Every marketer will have heard the infamous, possibly overused expression that content is king. In 2017, that phrase will continue to echo through our strategies. But to ensure the crown doesn't slip, marketers must make content more measurable, engaging and accessible. Consumers are faced with a tsunami of videos, blogs and articles every second. Therefore, as content and digital marketers, it’s important we make sure content is on the right platforms and helps cut through the noise. Here are three ways to amplify your content.

Sponsor your posts

Pay-per-click has been around since the mid-90s, but has evolved exponentially in the last few years. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter enable you to be targeted or go wide with your reach. Differing from ads, sponsored posts are typically thought-led pieces of content with spend behind them and are integrated into news feeds. As a result, they achieve high click-through-rates and can create a buzz about your brand.

Seed your content

Through Taboola and Outbrain, your content can go far and wide and appear in tier one publications, such as The Guardian online, as well as smaller, more niche online blogs. Much like sponsored posts, this tactic does not scream the word advertisement, but instead is woven into a relevant article and gives audiences the option to read “relevant stories from around the web”. Choose a snappy headline and an engaging picture to obtain more interaction from readers.

Engage influencers

Unsurprisingly, if an influencer shares, tweets or writes about your content, it’s going to amplify reach significantly. Build a list of your top twenty influencers. Identify how active they are on social channels and then using both traditional and digital means, encourage them to engage with your content.

With all the above suggestions, it’s important that you make note of what’s working and what isn’t and use these learnings to optimise your content. Still not sure where to start? The award-winning team at iFactory has been delivering content marketing solutions for over a decade. Call iFactory today to discuss how to amplify your content.

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