Top 10 most sought after job skills in Australia

Top 10 most sought after job skills in Australia

The corporate sector’s favourite social media site, LinkedIn recently published research that showed the demand for digital and technical skills is here to stay with skills such as SEO marketing, user interface design, web architecture and information security all making the cut.

Developing, understanding and securing data

Not surprisingly, many of the skills that make the Top 10 are data-related, with our increasingly online lives generating an estimated 1.2 terabytes of data that is currently stored by companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. Understanding how to best use that data, and how to secure sensitive, personal details within stored data are priorities.

The official LinkedIn list:

  1. Statistical analysis and data mining
  2. SEO/SEM marketing
  3. Middleware and integration software
  4. HR benefits and compensation
  5. Network and information security
  6. Mobile development
  7. User interface design
  8. Web architecture and development framework
  9. Algorithm design
  10. Corporate law and governance

‘Soft skills’ identified as the missing link

While the tech jobs are the stars of the Top 10 list, the LinkedIn research also identified that the majority of hiring managers (63%) said they find it harder to find professionals with soft skills, such as teamwork, ownership and problem-solving. The survey also revealed that 65% of hiring managers believed that not being able to find professionals with soft skills limited productivity in the workplace.

The LinkedIn survey, Leadership Talent Challenges went as far as to say that human resources decision-makers are finding it hard to fill leadership positions due to critical soft skills that are completely missing or under-developed, including: empathy, creativity and fostering collaboration and innovation.

As a digital agency, iFactory is acutely aware of the demand for tech skills. We’re fortunate to be a position where we can provide our clients with all the digital services that are identified as being in-demand right now, such as mobile development, SEO, SEM, web architecture and the host of other skills that go into creating digital solutions that make a tangible difference to your business. For more information about how we can apply our skill set to your business needs, contact us today.

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