Top 11 benefits of marketing automation

Top 11 benefits of marketing automation

A marketing automation solution can greatly improve your business. Here are the top 11 benefits of implementing a marketing automation solution in your business.

1. Optimise staff’s time

Reduce the time your marketing staff spend on repetitive tasks by automating multiple complex campaigns. Let them focus on more creative and valuable work.

2. Upscale marketing without increasing staff costs

Execute thousands of personalised email marketing campaigns without a large marketing team. Set up pre-specified criteria that automatically triggers campaigns while your staff focuses on other tasks. 

3. Offer targeted and personalised marketing messages 

Increase the effectiveness of marketing messages with customer flow communication by targeting and personalising each customer message. Also ensure messages are delivered using the most effective channel, be it email, text, tweet or a phone call and increase each customer’s lifetime value with automated cross-selling, up-selling and customer follow ups.

4. Create a consistent brand presence

Schedule posts and campaigns across multiple channels, including email, Facebook, Twitter, text messages and more, to continually interact with customers and present yourself as an active and engaged business.

5. Refine marketing efforts with detailed reports

Receive detailed graphs and statistics to identify and analyse what's working and what's not. Use this information to make incremental improvements and optimise future campaigns.

6. No need for technical or design expertise

Marketing automation is simple to use. You don’t need coding or design expertise to create effective digital marketing campaigns. You'll have access to ready-made templates, easy-to-use editors and helpful information. 

7. Nurture leads 

Automatically contact potential leads with a welcome message, discount coupon or confirmation when they first interact with you. 

8. Develop quality customer profiles

Keep your CRM data up to date by connecting your CRM system with your marketing automation tool. You can also gather customer purchase and preference data to enhance future campaigns.

9. Ensure the marketing and sales teams are performing effectively

With clearly defined processes you can get an accurate picture of bottlenecks in your marketing efforts and provide this feedback to your teams to ensure each part of the system is performing well.

10. Increase amount of quality leads

Use the data from your marketing automation tool, such as which webpages customers clicked on, to find quality leads.

11. Reduce lead conversion time

Reduce the time it takes for a lead to become a customer to increase overall revenue.

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