Using photos and video to engage your audience

Using photos and video to engage your audience

We all know that using social media is a great way to engage your audience, but you don't need a degree in digital marketing to realise that text posts alone aren't usually enough to maximise your reach. If you're a Facebook user, and statistically there's a very good chance you are, you'll be acutely aware of people's sharing habits on Facebook. When you see a shared post, what is it typically of? You guessed it — a photo or video.

The fact is, incorporating something visually interesting is a great way to capture attention and, therefore, capture views. Of course, not only does this content generate more views, but the sharing factor means your audience can grow exponentially. 

Be engaging

So, what does it take to get an engaging post? These days, a web user's attention is very short; therefore, the photo or video you share should be thoughtful. Is there a certain holiday? Make use of it by posting a relevant image. Bonus points if you can somehow tie it in with your company or product. Launching a new product or service? A professionally made graphic or infographic can be very useful for generating buzz. 

Graphic design

Invest in a quality graphic designer to design a product poster. You don't necessarily need to fork over thousands, but don't lose out on quality for the sake of saving a few dollars. Paying that extra bit of money to get a skilled graphic designer can pay off very quickly many times over. It will also show your clients (and potential clients) that you're a serious company that takes pride in its work. 

Think mobile

Finally, did you know that 75% of video views on Facebook are on mobile? Knowing this, think about making videos easily viewable on mobile, since a large core will be viewing your video content on screens that are only a few inches wide. This means that if you include text, ensure it's easy to read.

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