What your logo colour says about you

What your logo colour says about you

It’s true that what you wear says a lot about who you are. And just as the colour of a your clothes says a lot about the person, so too does the colour of a company’s logo design say a lot about the company.

Why consider colour?

The colour of your logo design puts your company in context. It helps define who you are. It is literally a visual reflection of what you stand for, what you believe in and how you feel about yourself as a business. The colour of your company’s logo design also reflects how you are perceived by your customers. Colour creates an immediate, irreversible first impression – providing an initial ‘gut feeling’ that determines whether or not customers want to stay, and if so, whether or not they will be inspired to take action. Your business's logo design colour reflects the personality of your company. It’s who you are.

Which personality are you?

Think for a moment if the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) were a person, what kind of person would they be? Fun? Frivolous? No. More likely a figure of stability and authority, right? Their logo is black – a colour which epitomises exactly these values, and exhibits a very ‘formal’ feel. Fanta, on the other hand, brings to mind images of fun, summer and happy times. Their logo is bright orange – a colour associated with happiness, being sociable and friendly! These colours are not coincidental. They were deliberately chosen from the colour palette to embody the personality of the company. If your company were distilled into just one characteristic person, what would their traits be? What colour would you choose to represent them?

Colour as an influencing factor: the statistics

Canadian plastic-card producer Colourfast’s new infographic, ‘What the Color of Your Logo Says About Your Company’,  illustrates well the latest trends towards colour as a crucial influencing factor on customers. Colour influences the decision to buy: 93% of purchasing judgements are made on visual perceptions alone! Colour changes shopping behaviour: 84.7% of consumers cite colour as their main reason for buying a particular product! And colour helps keep customers: 80% of consumers think colour increases brand recognition. The statistics go a long way in showing that colour is crucial.

Colour right

Since opening its doors in 2004, iFactory has grown to become one of Brisbane’s leading digital agencies, and iFactory’s team includes expert graphic designers. For more information about how iFactory can help you design a colour logo that will optimise how customers relate to your brand get in touch.

What the Color of Your Logo Says About Your Company

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