Why brand clarity affects website design

Why brand clarity affects website design

The best website designs are a high-impact reflection of your brand. Which makes it surprising how many companies approach web design from the point of view of what would "look good".

Part of the problem is that it's common to believe that logo and brand are the same things. You have a great graphic emblem that you display on everything, so that informs the way your website designer puts your site together, right?

This can lead to a smart and impressive online presence. However, will it provide you with a website that works hard for you and brings a good return on investment?

What is the brand?

If you have not already done this, then the starting point of web development in Brisbane is to establish a thorough idea of what your product, service or company “stand for”.

Your brand is a summary of where your product or organisation sits in the marketplace. What are its unique selling propositions and what do you want people to say about it? Who are your customers, what do they want, and how does this product match that?

Brand identity

With a clearer idea of exactly what you are selling, you can move on to packaging it in a way that gets the right level of attention. This means creating not just a logo that sums it up. It also means choosing colours that give off the right message. For example, darker shades of blue and green suggest authoritative and reliable. They are favoured by financial organisations. Bright reds and oranges say vibrant and dynamic. They are often used by tech companies.

Brand identity also means selecting typefaces that match your concept. If this is your corporate brand identity, it IS then used in your stationery, packaging, vehicle livery and uniforms to give a consistent message.

Brand to website design

Armed with a really strong understanding of what your brand is about – and how to communicate that through its identity – creating a website in Brisbane becomes far more fruitful.

The appearance and functionality of the site can be created with seamless synergy to all aspects of your brand. 

To discuss the relationship between brand, brand identity and flawless Brisbane website development, contact us today.

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