Why social media needs a call to action

Why social media needs a call to action

Many businesses wonder why their social media isn't gaining traction with their chosen audience, and often the answer is simple: because they aren't being engaged. One of the best ways to engage users on social media is by using calls to action that require them to do something. 

Here, we provide our top three tips for creating successful calls to action for your social media that will see an increase in your engagement across platforms. 

1. Ask for what you want

Often businesses are hesitant about asking their audience to do something, so they are cryptic with their messaging or hide it beneath other content. Start by asking for what you want up front and create a sense of urgency. 'Contact us now!' 'Don't miss out!' 'Get started today!' These are all common phrases in social media calls to action. Anything that indicates to your users that there is limited time to take action will make your call to action most effective. 

2. Use images

A call to action alone won't engage your audience. Images are currency in today's social media market, with many platforms requiring an image to make a post. An eye-catching image will draw your audience to your content and will prime them to read on. If you don't have a captivating image, chances are you won't connect with your target user at all. 

3. Highlight the benefits

It is easy enough to ask someone to do something, but in order to convert this into action, you need to highlight what the benefits are to them. After the image and the call to action, be sure to include some description of the personal gains they can expect to receive. If you don’t make the benefits clear, then why would your user bother making that extra click?

If you need help creating calls to action through digital marketing for your website and social media platforms, iFactory are committed to your digital success. You can contact our friendly team today to help formulate your digital marketing strategy by calling 07 3844 0577.

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