Winter web design trends

Winter web design trends

Winter is coming, and while the Australian season may not pack the same punch as the Stark version, the onslaught of colder, wetter weather does mean people spend more time online. For online retailers, winter weather is a great opportunity to connect with browsers who up their internet usage during the winter months. So, it's goodbye to sun, sand and beer gardens, and hello to Netflix and nights in spent browsing the web. 

So, how can you ensure your website is ready for the influx of winter traffic? Web design is intrinsically dynamic, and is continually changing as new technologies evolve.

Here’s five ways you can stay up to the minute: 

1. Be saved by hero images

Forget Batman vs Superman. This winter, hero images are swooping in on the web design arena. Think HD images, set off with compelling ‘call to action’ text that will sweep browsers off their feet. As vision is the strongest of the human senses, this visually graphic-centric technique is a fast and effective way to capture a user’s attention. Plus, advancements in bandwidth and data compression mean that load times won’t be compromised. 

2. Get down with material design

Developed as a ‘living document’ by Google, material design brings a new dimension to the web browsing experience. With shadows, highlights and a 3D aesthetic, the concept is defined by efficient grid-based layouts and intuitive responsive animations. 

3. Creative typography

Unique and personal, bespoke fonts are rapidly gaining momentum within the web design sphere. They allow businesses to tailor text to align with the look and feel of their website, and offer users an attractive, eye-catching experience. 

4. Integrate videos

Without a doubt, video has emerged as one of this year’s most powerful web design tools. There’s a fine line between engagement and distraction, so be sure to create pages that are cohesive and streamlined. 

5. Reward curiosity with hover animations

Web browsers love interactive experiences, and hover animations deliver by offering instant feedback. Websites that incorporate hover animations actively confirm a user’s intuition about the function of an element, which is immensely satisfying.

Fast, fluid and reactive, web development design trends are continually evolving. For sites that are just as smart as they are stylish, iFactory offers its clients customised digital solutions that set a new standard in Brisbane website design.

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