Is your business making these disastrous website mistakes?

Is your business making these disastrous website mistakes?

It is 2018 and the digital age is aiding the success of businesses all over the world. Yet get things wrong and your online presence can actually be a hindrance, more than a help. Having a company website is vital, but only if your business is avoiding disastrous website mistakes like these four potentially disastrous errors.

1. Your website isn't mobile friendly

According to Google, more than 50% of web searches are made via mobile phones. Alarmingly, many businesses still fail to ensure that their websites are mobile friendly. Having a responsive web design that will not adapt to suit mobile and tablet devices is a huge mistake. Those browsing on such devices will leave your site at once to find one that they can use more efficiently. 

2. Your website has a confusing home page

If your homepage does not effectively showcase your business online then it is of little use to your company. Potential customers and buyers browsing the web will not spend extended time on a website trying to figure out what you do. It needs to be obvious from the very first click. This means that your website design has to clearly demonstrate who you are and what you do, with clear and understandable copy and images. 

3. You have no clear call to action

As with the point above, people are not going to spend ages searching your site for what they're looking for. Many people click through to company websites to find contact details and by not displaying them clearly you could miss out on all important sales calls. Your contact details should be immediately visible and phone numbers should be clickable on mobile devices so that potential customers can connect to call you easily and with no hassle. 

4. Your website has no branding

Branding is everything to a business. Branding boosts recognition, builds trust and makes for more effective marketing. Your web site design should incorporate your company colours, logos, fonts and images as well as showcasing who you are and why you do what you do.

To ensure that your company website stays clear of these mistakes, contact iFactory today. Since opening in 2004, iFactory has become one of Brisbane’s leading digital agencies.

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