How can I check my website is Google mobile friendly?

Is your website failing the mobile-friendly test?

If you haven’t heard yet, Google released a handy tool that enables you to check if your website is mobile-friendly. Websites that pass Google's test will be labelled with "mobile-friendly" on Google's search result pages for mobile devices. Like this example below.

Is your website failing the mobile-friendly test?

Some websites will not pass that test although they are mobile-friendly. If you want to find out why this happened and what can you do to make sure that your own site passes the test, then read on.

How can I check my website?

Head over to Google's mobile friendly-test tool. Just enter the website address (URL) of your website and click the "Analyse" button. If your site passes the test, good work!

What can I do if my website fails the test?

If your website fails the test you most likely will have to adjust the design or development of your web site. Instead of creating a separate website for mobile devices, we strongly advise you use responsive design for your website.

The testing tool says that my website is not mobile-friendly but it is

If the testing tool states that your website is not mobile-friendly, then Google is having trouble accessing the mobile-friendly version of your site.  Google's John Mueller says, this can be due to several reasons, such as;

1. Too much blocked by robots.txt

2. Cloaking to Googlebot

There are many more reasons that can cause problems with Google's indexing bot. We suggest you run a website audit over your site (let us know if you want help with that) to make sure that Google can index all pages of your website.

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